Angela Metzger, Reil organ (2009), Parish Church of St Nikolaus, Rosenheim, Germany.
Organum Classics Ogm 221030

There is an intelligent encirclement of musical ideals in this well-constructed recital by Angela Metzger. Exploring the relationship between music, time and space is surely never more apt than in the world of church organs. Old and new are brought together with a modern Dutch organ constructed on historic principles presenting works by Buxtehude, Bach and Scheidt alongside contemporary works by Franz Danksagmüller, Bernard Foccroulle and Daniel Glaus. Using partly drawn stops and percussive organ noises, the minimalist title track Circuli creates an eerie depiction of Hieronymus Bosch’s famous painting The Garden of Earthly Delights. Metzger’s mastery of organ, sound and space produce an outstanding symbiosis.

Rupert Gough


Choir & Organ 2022/11